Indian Fashion Bloggers that you can't ignore as a fashion Brand

Fashion comes in every aspect of life: clothing, hair, behavior, creation, style or decoration. Everyone has their style of doing these things. Some have fashion in their blood, some learn it, and others need some mentor who can advise them on finding their style.

Earlier, fashion lovers only had friends and family members who could give fashion tips, but Indian fashion bloggers made it possible for everyone to get good style advice.  There are a number of top fashion bloggers in India who understand body types, color, culture, trend, weather and other relevant elements that affect fashion. They have a solution for every problem in their creative ways.

Each of these bloggers explains their style with the best presentation skills; and also gives tips for fashion lovers about staying trendy and stylish 24×7.  Each blogger has his or her taste, and a unique way of interpreting fashion with their daily beauty routine, experiments, and styling videos.

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So, if you are searching for your type of best fashion blogs in India- with similar tastes to enrich your style, here are some top fashion bloggers with the highest followers and best content.

Let’s find your source of fashion tips.

Best Fashion Bloggers in India

1 Nitin Sood and Sana Sood: The most famous fashion bloggers duo

Happy Shappy is the blog you need to follow for trendy ideas in your wedding. They give life to your wedding dreams and find inspirations from your likes, love or wants. Pink lehengas, jewelry, makeup looks, wedding themes- they specialize in these matters and are excellent planners. They also feature a wide variety of venues, wedding caterers, wedding invitation and card makers along with the latest fashion trends. So, why to go 100 of shops for staging the perfect wedding when this one blog can solve your issues in a click?


2 Abhimanyu Singh Rathore: One of the top street fashion blogs

ISHTAILISTA is founded by a born-in-Rajasthan, brought-up-in-Gujarat boy. Love for colours is in his blood. It is a blog where he shares his ideas and vision through his creative colour combinations and colour fusions. If colours are your favorite thing to experiment, you can follow this page for creative ideas with the essence of Indian kitsch and street style fashion.


3 Rhea Gupt: One of the best vintage fashion blogs

The Fuss is one of the most trending fashion blogs. In this blog, you will find every beach experiment you have ever dreamed of. Rhea is a fashion blogger who loves experimenting with waves, beaches, lakes and dark vibrant colours to express her style. She has collaborated with top brands like L’Oreal, Tommy, and Nike. An aspect of daydreaming is defined perfectly in her blog as making clouds, playing with waves and flowers. There are other creations too on her website and Instagram stories. Her sense of sophistication and retro charm is the thing you will love to follow.


4 Ankita Shrivastava: One of the best fashion and makeup blogs

Corallista is one of the most followed blogs for beauty and makeup tutorials. Ankita, the founder of this blog, loves makeup and coral colour range; she started this blog as a hobby which soon became her passion. Her makeup tips and tutorials make the number of people fall for her. She is followed by more than 5lakh people and is more popular on YouTube. You can find all types of makeup guide from latest Deepika Padukone style to party looks. Smokey eyes, messy buns, skincare tips, and best products for makeup, every aspect of beauty tips is present on her tutorial pages and YouTube channel. If you are also a makeup fan and like different colour range but confused about how to apply, follow her for makeup tutorials and updates.



5 Gia Kashyap: One of the best fashion and beauty blogs is a blog about beauty, style, fashion and more. Blog founder Gia believes that fashion is an art. She was a child who always got inspired by colours. Clothes, shoes, easy fashion tricks, food, beauty, and trendy looks are some of the significant topics she keeps working on and shares her ideas through images and words on her blog. She believes that creating your style is like building a house where colours, textures, and compilations are essential elements for the fashion industry. From money saving, beauty, exercise to beauty treatments, Gia gives the best tips for her followers with her style. If you are travelling and need beauty tips, you should follow Gia and make your vacations fashionable.


6 Jattin Jay: One of the best Mens fashion blogs

The style doodler believes that style is the way to describe your best without speaking words. Jattin, the founder of this blog, is a fashion stylist and a street style lover. He has his quirky way to stay stylish. If you are a shirt lover and want to get tips for the types of shirt you can wear at parties, vacations, weddings, meetings or Sundays, then this blogger will be your favorite one. Each of his photos describes a moment and mood perfectly. Each moment can be a stylish moment is what Jattin believes. If you are also fond of styling yourself daily and want some clothing and pattern mixing tips, his style will inspire you.


7 Ashita Agarwal: One of the best Lifestyle and fashion bloggers Mumbai

Crunchy Fashion is a blog that believes in making a trend instead of following them. Ashita is the one who wants to create a style with affordable fashion. For her fashion is not about spending bucks daily to be trendy, passion is what makes fashion perfect. She has stories for Indian attire, Indo-western style, traditional wear, comfort hacks and much more. This blog keeps you trendy with comfort a. If you can’t afford new clothes daily; follow The Crunchy Fashion for pocket- friendly fashion and lifestyle tips.


8 Karron S Dhingra: Delhi fashion blogger instagram

Theformaledit is the perfect blog for boys who love travelling and need clothing tips for edgy looks and outfit inspirations.  His experiments with styles and color combinations will make you one of his fans. His styling tips are up to date and on the mark which makes him stand out of the box.  If luxury can be described as Fashion he has done it well. From pink to purple, every colour has magic, you just need to mix it correctly is what his Instagram says. Want to explore an experimental fashion and styling tricks? He is the one you need to follow.



9 Param Sahib: One of the best Iindian fashion bloggers on instagram

Parambanana is a blog that plays with colours and imagination. Art, culture, Disney, unicorns, butterflies, and whatnot-Param, is all about graphics. Quirkiest and craziest designs are one who explains his style. If you want him to choose one colour from the rainbow for his style, he will take them all to get done. Each of his looks has a lot of colors and graphics which can take you to some other world. He owns his own fashion brand ‘Param Sahib Clothing’ where he has gets all his graphical imaginations printed on clothes. If you are limited in your color choices this blog will make you fall in love with every color that ever existed. Why to select one color when you can wear all of them is what this blogger describes well. Want colorful inspiration and quirky ideas? He is the one you need.


10 Tanya Virmani: Best fashion bloggers in delhi

Lets Expresso is a blog plus online fashion store where you will get updates on fashion, beauty, food, and travel. It is a lifestyle blog where day to day tips, life’s important aspects, organic beauty products, and other trending topics are been covered. They have unique designs at affordable prices. It also gives self-betterment tips to be fashionable and trendy in a fun way. If you want a full-time guide for fashion and lifestyle tips this blog will definitely help you out.


11 Akansha Redhu: One of the best fashion bloggers in india

Akansha Redhu is a blog which writes about all the things a person dreams about or delicious lunches, she writes about everything. Not just style but her amazing photographs and writing skills are also loved by her followers. Experiencing something and explaining it to a third person is an art and she has the skills for it. People love how she gives life to every style. She is someone who has the oomph to convert any boring dress into a “wow” look. She started her blog as a hobby, which soon became her profession. The more people began following her, the more she got the urge for creating something unique and more for her audience. So, whether you like skin tight clothes, or you like to wear them a little loose Akansha can make every outfit stylish with her creative and unique flair.


12 Sambhavi Mishra: One of the best fashion bloggers in delhi

Talk Sassy is a blog started by Sambhavi, who worked as a journalist in the field of lifestyle, Bollywood and fashion. She is now working as a trending fashion blogger. She is the one with the best storytelling skills and styling ideas.

Not just good dressing, but Sambhavi also has 100 of suggestions and tips for skin care products and healthy practices. She has served her fans with lots of quality content in many different fields such as beauty, food, special events and travel. From each shade of lipstick to creams for prevention of suntan, every possible affordable and pocket-friendly thing is present there in Talk Sassy.


13 Manvi Gandotra: One of the top 10 fashion bloggers in india

Style Inked is a guide written by a professional photographer and fashion writer who gives updates about trending fashion tips, ideas, DIYs, and more. She is the one who uses photos to tell the story- her amazing photography talent and broad vision for styling are what makes her blog out of the box.

Not just her fashion sense but her passion towards colors, fabric, designing dresses, clutches, necklace and envelopes are also some of the fantastic sources to get inspired from. If you are also passionate about designing your own clothes, this blog is the one for you.


14 Shalini Chopra: One of the best fashion bloggers in bangalore

Style by Nature is the blog with a robust collection of fashion and lifestyle stories. Shalini is a fashion expert trying to act as a bridge between consumers and brands. She has her style book updated every year with her creations of outfits and also has a shop my closet option where her followers can purchase the outfit she wore in all of her stories.

Not only her fashion stories, but technology, food, travel, lifestyle and Bollywood- each segment she covers takes you to a different world. Her storytelling and product presentation makes every brand standout in her blog. She believes that style is something which flows in our blood. She also says that a person should taste all the flavors that life has to offer. If you have the urge to live life to the fullest, this blog is just perfect for you.


15 Rashi Gaur: fashion bloggers in surat

Blah and More is a blog aiming to deliver fashion at your fingertips. It is a fashion cum beauty blog. Her hair and skin section has some amazing tricks to deal with skin care. She also updates news about the latest collections or technology in her ‘retail update’ section. Blah seems to be her favorite word and it encapsulates the nature of her website very well. Also, she has a ‘Give away’ section where she posts a contest for all her followers with many prizes and gifts. So, if you want tips for beauty and fashion advice, Blah and more is the right choice for you.


16 Riaan J. George: A good fashion blogs on Business

URBAN EYE BY RIAN GEORGE is India’s no.1 luxury blog for the country’s business travelers. It is a blog cum virtual magazine for all luxury things. This blog has a wide range of quality content about boutiques, hotels, latest designer collections, must have accessories for the wardrobe, world’s leading chefs’ interviews, and feature columns from different influencers and specialists.

He has established himself as an authority of all things as travel, food, style, and luxury. His blog is organized into sections such as urban luxe, urban style and urban travel. Needless to say, his style is urban chicness personified. If you are into urban styles and trends, this blog is just perfect for your style.


17 Lipsy:

Fashion Quotient is a fashion blogger who loves chatting about all random things in life. She chats frequently on fashion or outfit all these while being a mother. She believes that style is beyond a baby bump or body shape, as style is something that makes you comfortable in your own skin.

She helps her readers with online purchase suggestions. If you are also a chatty birdie, this place is for you.


18 Parimita Chakravorty

Mumbai Gloss is a blog about all the fascinating things in and around Mumbai city.  She believes in streaming content from hot masala chai, beauty, events to food, restaurants and nightlife. She has stories for foodies- she talks of many eating joints, latest street styles, her passion for salsa and tango and many more. In one word- this is a one stone blog for all Mumbaikars. Get the latest gossip, reviews and the best style tips at your fingertips.

19 Kritika Khurana

That Boho Girl is a blog about fashion and lifestyle. You can see every possible experiment with colour contrasting and boho looks. She has her e-commerce brand with all the latest styles for her followers. She believes in being clean and elegant with her outfits and looks. If you are a boho fan, she is the right person to follow.


10 Aashna Shroff

The Snob Journal is a blog started by a bold and confident girl. She loves experimenting with her pictures and outfits. She is someone who loves travelling, has oodles of charm and an online store. She inspires people to create new outfits from an existing wardrobe. She also has some lovely pictures with many vacation stories. For her, vacation has to be stylish. Her vacation style is about the best combination of colors that captures the mood perfectly. Planning a vacation? She is all set to give you the best fashion tips.



Being fashionable and up-to-date is the thing we always want. The right colour and the right outfit always increase our confidence. Looks, hairstyle, and accessories—all these essential elements play an important role in making our look and make us feel confident.

Our lifestyle heavily depends on our looks, but can we figure out our style all alone? Maybe sometimes, but suggestions always make our decisions better- and these bloggers provide just that.

Fashion is not to wearing big brands, but it is a way to represent your emotions and mood which these above fashion bloggers explain with aplomb. All the above bloggers are sharing their style tips with their creative ideas, and these styles can be used as great outfit inspirations.  So why style yourself alone when they can be your partners? Follow them and experiment all you want and if you are looking for more you can connect with us to start a Blogger and influencer marketing program.

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